US Global Technology Center

At a Glance

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Planned Personnel

102,410 ft2






Up to 100

US Global Technology Center
  • Hub for dynamic collaborative development in Fort Worth, TX
  • Innovation driven by industry leaders, customers, and strategic partnerships
  • Positioned as a transition hub for global technology integration
  • Recipient of grant funding from the City of Fort Worth, focused on creating highly technical jobs, pushing technological boundaries, and driving innovation and economic growth

Development Plan Highlights:

Phase 1 (2023)


Phase 2 (2024)


Phase 3 (2025+)

  • Launch of initial operations
  • Introduction of specialized office and Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (CoE)


  • Fit-out for office and common areas
  • Substantial growth of Additive Manufacturing CoE


  • Expansion into additional technology areas
  • Inclusion of new partners and collaborators

Our phased development plan signifies a commitment to innovation, collaborative growth, and sustained success at the US Global Technology Center

Defense Technology Development

Laser Metal Deposition with Wire (LMD-w)

  • Technology development initiated with Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Further development & qualification for aerospace applications at US Global Technology Center
  • On track for production capability in 2025

Accelerating LMD-w Technology Development through Collaboration with Partners

Additive Manufacturing Cell 3

Additive Manufacturing Cell 3
Additive Manufacturing Cell 3
  • Cell 3 is capable of producing parts up to 5-meters, scaling up additively manufactured components to sizes needed for safety critical air and space structures
  • The new system is the largest laser wire Directed Energy Deposition cell known in the aerospace industry, allowing for for Defence and Civil aviation replacement parts manufactured using more sustainable and efficient methods